Regardless of it’s downfalls, or the fact that dystopias are way out of style, I will always be a die-hard Hunger Games fan. The Hunger Games reignited my childhood love of fiction in my teenage years, and first introduced me to both YA and science fiction. In other words, I owe so much of my creative identity to The Hunger Games. Yet, both in the films and the novels, I always had a MAJOR issue with – yes, I’m serious – Peeta. Which, consequently, means I had major problems with the entire plot and character arcs of the series. Oops, did I just admit that?

Me, apologizing in advance for offending Team Peeta:

I mean, what do we really know about Peeta?

He likes pastries, painting, and philanthropy. He’s not super physically or emotionally masculine (which would not at all be an issue, except for the fact that he doesn’t replace the traditional masculine elements of the male personality with anything… anything at all). Instead of lacking a “man’s man” persona, and instead being rich in intellect, cultural knowledge, or emotional depth, he’s kind of just… there. Pouting. Causing problems. Wallowing in self-pity.

Look at this mushy dishrag. What did he do for Katniss? What did he do for Panem? What did he do for the plot of the trilogy???

The Melark Doughboy was enough of a whiner to begin with, then you add Tracker Jacker venom?

And Katniss should’ve, too. She had a perfectly-loyal childhood friend waiting for her to come back for him. But she never did. She came back and paid even less attention to him than she did before meeting Pita Bread.

It’s not like Gale was standing there giving the calls to fire bombs on the crowd of wounded people Prim was trying to help. He just invented the tactic, the execution of this particular usage was overseen by a non-Gale party. We’re just going to throw all that history out for a one-off?

Don’t lie and say that this relationship is not precious.

Plus he’s got a great sense of humor. Not always easy to find in a dystopian society. *

Honestly, beggars can’t be choosers. Miss Everdeen should not be pushing away friends, because, well…

But the whole thing about Gale not being a real man? That’s what bothers me most. Fine, if you want to say he chickens out too easy and doesn’t stand up for what he believes in, I readily accept that. Is this not masculine enough??? I mean, I’m into it. She’s just standing there looking bored.

Let’s face it… Katniss was never looking for a man’s man. She was okay with this happening way too often.

In fact, I don’t think there were any real men in Panem. Probably due to the government. But if anyone would come close, it would NOT be Peeta.

Unless everyone else except President Snow was dead. I mean, give me Haymitch any day over Peeta. At least he was a complainer for legitimate reasons. O-dare I say that maybe a non-flirty Finnick would’ve been the manliest man?

Scratch all that. I just remembered Cato. That dude wins easily. He should’ve won the Hunger Games, tbh?

Until the next Quarter Quell,

*Quote taken from Bad Lip Reading: The Hunger Games*

**Images courtesy of GIPHY**